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Becky, 03 May 2021

Useful Unicorns Box



Lovely little soaps perfect for party bags


Brigit, 27 April 2021

3 - letter name/word set


Great product & great service

I love the whole ethos of Soapimi, and the service and soaps are fantastic. Also loved the packaging too 😍.




Tori, 26 April 2021

Washcloth & So-Grand Soap Bar Set


​Absolutely chuffed with my order. The personalisation made it so much more than just a bar of soap making it a lovely gift for the mother in law. The whole order process was so easy and delivery was really quick !

y packaged (really nice to see how everything used was recyleable or compostable)


Martine, 25 March 2021

Washcloth & So-Grand Soap Bar Set


Mother’s Day Gift

I bought this washcloth and soap set for my Mum and she loved it, she says the cloth is very soft and the soap smells amazing


Helen, 25 February 2021

10 - SoaProfanity Set


Good clean fun ;)

I bought the 10 letter SoaProfanity set for a friend's birthday. It arrived beautifully packaged and gave her such a giggle! The soaps are such high quality - I've also had several for our house too. For kids and grownups this is a really lovely, thoughtful gift and I love that every effort is made to be eco friendly and responsible. Nice one, keep up the fantastic work, this company really deserves to do well.




Sarah, 25 February 2021

SoaPetite Mini Soap Bars


Great products!

Loved the bright colours! Feels so good to use products that you know are good for your child and the environment! Keep up the hard work!

Soapimi Dinky Dinos.jpg

Samantha, 15 July 2021

Dinky Dinos Box


Really lovely soaps make a great addition to the bathroom.


Kerry, 29 June 2021

Bumblebee Soap



Absolutely gorgeous. It’s huge and smells amazing. My friend loved it, I doubt it will get used as it’s just far too cute 🥰 Great service and arrived very quickly. Beautifully packaged too. Thank you. I can highly recommend.



Ms C S, 14 May 2021

So-Grand Soap bars



Just a lovely idea - I bought two sets! I've given one as a gift to someone, and they loved it. Arrived super quickly, and beautifully packaged (really nice to see how everything used was recyleable or compostable)

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