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Plastic-Free Eco-Packaging

As a small business, I strive to be as eco-friendly as I possibly can; not only in the ingredients I use, but also in the packaging. The eco-friendly packing materials are designed to be re-used, recycled or composted. Here's a round-up of Soapimi's current plastic-free packaging:


Clean Bubbles

Natureflex™ transparent film

This wonderful transparent film is used to wrap each Soapimi soap.
Amazingly, it is made of wood pulp and is certified to EN 13432 and the 'OK Compost Home' Standard.

Clean Bubbles

EcoFlo® Packing Peanuts COMPOSTABLE

Made from sustainable GM-free maize starch, EcoFlo® packing beans are suitable for composting
and comform to EN 13432 regulations. They do a great job in protecting your order as it makes its way to you.

Clean Bubbles

Boxes, paper packing tape & Soapimi logo sticker - RECYCLABLE

The box your order arrives in, the tape used to seal the box and the logo sticker are all 100% recyclable.

Paper ribbon & tissue paper -  RECYCLABLE

The paper ribbon and tissue paper used in some of the Soapimi sets are also 100% recyclable.


I am always on the look-out for new and exciting eco-friendly packaging solutions, so if you've recently found some great ones, I'd love to hear about them. Please get in touch!


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