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Why not treat yourself or a loved one to a Soapimi Washcloth & Custom Message Soap Bar set? You can personalise your soap bar with a hand-stamped message directly onto the soap (Please see Personalisation Information)


Included in the set:


1 x crocheted washcloth: each washcloth is hand-made from 100% cotton yarn, measuring approximately 20cm x 20cm. The yarn is soft to the touch and can be machine washed at 60degrees. This yarn has an Oeko-Tex® certification, meaning that it has been tested and found to be completely free from harmful chemicals.


1 x Soapimi Custom Message Soap Bar: Each soap is handpoured and has a minimum weight of 80g. A So-Grand bar measures approximately 8cm x 5.5cm x 2cm.


The Soapimi Washcloth and Custom Message bar set is available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue & pink:


•    Soapimi Red & Pink: both fragranced with rose geranium essential oil
•    Soapimi Orange: fragranced with red mandarin essential oil
•    Soapimi Yellow: fragranced with lemon essential oil
•    Soapimi Green: fragranced with lime essential oil

•    Soapimi Blue: fragranced with peppermint essential oil


Please note there may be some colour transfer from the Electric Blue Soap onto lighter fabrics. 





Soapimi Washcloth & Custom Message Soap Bar Set

  • Choose your own custom message and I'll hand-stamp it onto the soap bar, with matching crocheted washcloth. 

    Please note that your custom message can contain a maximum of 35 characters/letters.

    Your custom message can also include numbers and the following punctuation marks (commas, full stops, ampersand &, percentage %, apostrophes and exclamation marks!)

    Sample text:


    Please use the 'Please add your custom message' section to let me know what you would like stamped onto the bar. Max 35 characters

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