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Looking for a personalised AND useful gift? I've got just the thing for you!


Any 8-letter name or word of your choice. Whether it's the name of a loved one or just a word you'd like made in soap - I've got you covered!


Please use the drop-down menu to select your colour choice; either a single colour set or an assorted colour set.



  • Before adding to your cart, please put your chosen 8-letter word into the 'Please add your chosen 8-letter word/name here' section.
  • Please note that I cannot currently provide symbols or numbers ( £,%, &, !, 1,2,3 etc)
  • An assorted colour set will be a minimum of 4 different colours

Soapimi 8 letter word/name

  • Each soap is handpoured and minimum weights range from 15g (e.g. the letter l) to 35g (e.g. the letter m) depending on which letter of the alphabet you require.

    All soaps in the Soapimi range are free from SLS/SLES, parabens and MPG and are also vegan-friendly. They are individually wrapped in a compostable transparent film (Natureflex) and presented in a recyclable self-locking small parcel box, also sporting a recyclable Soapimi logo sticker. To avoid any damage in transit they are snuggled into the box alongside compostable packing beans made from maize-starch and covered with blue recyclable tissue paper.

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